How to Attract an Aries Woman

‘A bad boy with a good heart, I think that would be perfect for me.’

Women are mostly attracted to men who have a ‘bad boy’ vibe. If that’s the case, you would find an Aries man super attractive. Just like the Aries woman, the Aries man likes to take matters in his hand in the romance and dating world.

In case you are attracted to an Aries man, you need to find out ways to attract him. Well, of course, his charm is scrumptious. The question is – how to attract an Aries man?

Here’s an elaborate post that talks about the ways to attract an Aries man. We have jotted down the personality traits, things to know about the bad boy, and ways to seduce him.

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Personality Traits Of An Aries Man

Every individual has a personality. An Aries man has a different personality too. His personality traits differ from a Cancer man or an Aquarius man. What is different about the bad boy?

  • An Aries man will never turn down any opportunity. He loves challenges simply because it gives him the opportunity to prove his worth. Put forward any competitive activity, and he will do it with ease. ‘Don’t give in without a fight.’ That’s what the Aries man believes in.
  • An Aries man LOVES being on top. Well, not just sexually, but in every aspect of life. Nothing can stop this man from reaching where he wants to.
  • Let’s face it – this particular zodiac sign does not like dominating women or men. He likes his independence, and does not enjoy the idea of being told what to do. His inner voice forces him to be a leader. Since they are extremely bossy and stubborn, they would be excellent leaders, or a boss at a firm.
  • The Aries man enjoys a powerful position. Whether it is a relationship, or a work situation – this man likes to have all the power in his hands. There will be times when he would need his friends for motivation or encouragement. Perhaps you can call it ‘validation’, but he clearly needs it.
  • Since they are extremely competitive, they do not handle failure like a grown man. It makes them angry and irritable.
  • One of the negative traits of an Aries man is that they can be aggressive and too blunt. If you are sensitive and cannot be with someone who does not care about your emotions, then an Aries man is not someone you should be with. Please remember that he will feel apologetic at some point, but they lay all the cards upfront.

These were few of the things you need to know about an Aries man. As someone who is trying to attract the Aries man, you need to be on your toes CONSTANTLY.

Speaking of attraction, let’s find out how you can attract this particular man you have been eyeing on.

How to Attract an Aries Man

How To Attract An Aries Man? – Things To Know About The Bad Boy

So, the bad boy vibe is certainly appealing to most women. But, you need to understand that an Aries man will settle with a girl who is as competitive as him.

He does not want to settle with a boring woman. If there is nothing surprising or intriguing about you, he will lose interest. That’s why most of his relationships are flings or one night stands.

Here are some of the things you can do to attract him:

  • Being a player or a Casanova in the love department is a part of his personality. If you are someone whom he slept with once, don’t get clingy. The Aries man likes the chasing game. If you are giving yourself to him completely, he will lose interest and find a woman who is hard to get.
  • Aries men get bored easily. He wants you to be the most interesting woman in the world. If not, he will be happy to sleep with you, but not take you home for good. It may sound offensive, but everyone wishes to spend their life with a ‘compatible’ partner.
  • Well, being mysterious is fine, but he wants you to be truthful. Please tell him how you feel, and do not showcase a fake side. He is the kind of person who enjoys being around a woman who is 100% REAL.
  • Being upfront is an attractive trait. If the woman is shy about her feelings, the Aries man will not understand your cues. Don’t give him hints as he likes women to be forthright about their emotions.
  • An Aries man loves a woman who is passionate, strong, and independent. He is not looking for a clingy or dependent woman. Basically, he would want someone who will join him in any adventurous activity.

Now that you are aware of his personality and things that attract him, it is time to dive into the seduction phase.

How do you seduce an Aries Man?

Since the Aries man is adventurous, courageous, and passionate, he would like to try different sex positions.

Don’t bore him with the usual missionary. Perhaps you should start going through the Kamasutra sex positions. There are hundreds of sex positions out there. If you are not as athletic, try to practice some positions beforehand.

Introduce some variations in the bedroom. He will be keen to try something new, and would get super turned on by the initiation.

Attraction is just the starter. Seduction is the main course. Attraction is all about admiring someone from a distance, but seduction is about having the cake. An Aries man is hard to please – actually, it is about changing your attitude JUST A LITTLE.

Here are some tips that will help you to seduce an Aries man:

  • He wants a QUEEN, not a slave. An Aries man likes a powerful woman who can rule his kingdom. Being shy or too humble does not work. You have to build some confidence before you approach him. Make sure you are dressed like a queen, and walk as if you own the city.
  • Can you ride him, lady? If yes, then he is straight going FOR it. Bring some variation in the bedroom. Learn to initiate different sex positions. He will be pleasantly surprised by the first move.
  • “Man may be the head of the family, but woman is the neck. She can turn the head any way she wants.” Perhaps you remember this line from the famous move, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Toula’s mother says it to her daughter, and we couldn’t agree more. Yes, he loves being the man in the relationship, but he likes a woman to make the decisions. Don’t be shy to order a full meal for yourself. Of course, don’t hog in front of him, but be in-charge of certain things. You can make plans and ask him out for a date. He doesn’t mind being with a woman who is as competent and powerful as him.
  • Showcase your competitive side. Aries men love sports. You can challenge him in a particular sport.
    • ”Hey honey, let’s go out scuba diving. You and me!”
    • ”Let’s do a race. Whoever wins gets some real oral action.”
    • ”Forget it! I bet you can’t gamble like I do! I’m a gambling queen.”

You need to keep things spicy in the relationship. Don’t let the charm and confidence fizzle out after getting into a relationship. You need to keep this man interested to fire things up!

The Telltale Signs That They Are Falling In Love With You

How do you know that he is hopelessly in love with you? He will tell you! An Aries man does not shy away from telling you what he feels. You would not need to look for signs.

Unlike other zodiac signs, this one tends to be clear about what they want.

But, there are some things you would note –

  • His behaviour changes. Your opinion matters to him!
  • He gets jealous. If other men try to approach or you do not find time for him, he will get jealous and annoyed.
  • He will be impulsive and passionate. The man will shower all his love.
  • You will be his first priority.
  • He will make the necessary efforts to impress you. The man does not do it for every other woman. In fact, he might even try to be a gentleman in front of you.

Basically, you would know it when an Aries man falls in love with you.

He is vocal about his attentions, and does not like playing games. If he is just interested in sex, he will tell you about his true feelings.

Making Him Yours Forever – How To Get There?

An Aries man is attracted to a woman who is courageous. He wants to know whether you can be the person who can overcome hardships with ease. A woman thinks that desperation and dependence attracts a man, but it is the opposite case with an Aries man.

He does not want a damsel in distress, Yes, he will be ready to rescue you, but being with a woman who runs away at the first sign of difficulty is not in his agenda.

Please note that he is not attracted to masculine strength as such. If you are tomboyish or forceful, he will back off. Feminine strength is appealing and different. It is softer as compared to masculine strength. Don’t be forceful – be the lady he can bring home. Be the lady who can make independent decisions, but appreciate his presence too. Nobody likes an argumentative woman. Having strength does not mean arguing or fighting. It is also about knowing what needs to be done in difficult situations. It is also about being mentally strong to face any difficult phase of life.

Secondly, Aries men love a competent woman. He does not want the woman to agree to everything he says. Yes, he would love it if you shower compliments, but he does not want a woman who is too submissive.

He is like a HAWK – watching you from a distance. He is keeping an eye on you of how you work and face difficult situations. Perhaps he is loving the action.

If you want to KEEP an Aries man for life, take care of your physical appearance too. He likes strong and competent women, but he is also yearning to see your feminine charm. Take care of your nails, dress up sexy, be interesting, and don’t be afraid to put forward your opinion.

Having all these qualities will ensure that an Aries man does not see you as ‘just another fling.’

Concluding Thoughts

An Aries man is not difficult to figure out. They are courageous, born-leaders, aggressive, and highly competent.

They are attracted to feminine strength, and a woman who is fearless, interesting, feminine, and competent.

If you are not confident, too shy, or not as bold, it is time to change the game plan. Perhaps you can build some confidence and then approach the attractive ARIES man.

Please don’t think that the ball is in his court! You have the power to decide whether you should approach him or not. But, if you are really wanting to date this man or sleep with him, you need to follow whatever we mentioned above.

On second thoughts, if you really get this man to fall in love with you, there will be plenty of sex, and endless love in the relationship. So, do the needful and attract an Aries man. He does not want you to be a coy or fearful woman!

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