How to Attract an Aquarius Woman

Love me as I am or see me as I go.

Except for the fantastic character traits, Aquarius women are very caring. They pay attention to the minor details that other people might skip your personality and your likes and dislikes. You can always count on them for help during your bad times, and when you need someone to talk to, then you will hardly ever find a better listening ear than the one of an Aquarius woman.

So, what else in a woman could you possibly ask for? Aquarius women are a perfect match for any person who is open-minded and open to new experiences.

This article provides you with complete information on what you should do to attract an Aquarius woman. Along with that, we will also explain what you should not do when you are trying to attract an Aquarius woman or after you have drawn one. It is essential to know that Aquarius women are hard to attract, but they are even harder to keep because they will not stay at any place where they feel disrespected or dominated.

The Question is – How to Attract an Aquarius Woman?

Knowing what you should do and what you should not do around a certain person helps you a lot in impressing them and in not offending them. Of course, it does not mean that you need to fake it, but sometimes we unintentionally do something that offends others, while we have no intention to offend them, but we do it because we have no idea that they might take it negatively.

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Personality Traits of Aquarius Women

Loving Aquarius women is like loving the untamable water. You will always see them in the leading roles and taking up complete responsibility for whatever is given to them. They are exceptionally creative and unpredictable; therefore, if you like surprises, you must know that no one can ever surprise you more than an Aquarius woman because she knows all the creative ways to give you jaw-dropping experiences.

Aquarius women keep their word no matter how hard it is for them; therefore, they are ones that you can count on. They are very humorous as their creativity is unmatched and the way they make jokes that never miss receiving loud laughter. With an Aquarius woman, you can never be bored as she will provide you with unconventional activities, ideas, and adventures that you will find new and different from anything you have ever experienced before.

We listed down some key traits below:

  • Adventurous
  • Fun-loving
  • Unpredictable
  • Kind and Caring
  • Intelligent
  • Creative

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman

How to Attract Aquarius Woman- Things to Know About the Water Princess

All these things can make you fall in love with them easily; to help you, we have made a list that can help you make a good impression on any Aquarius woman you wish to attract.

  • Be different if you want to attract someone as different as an Aquarius woman. You need to have some distinct characteristics and behaviors that appeal to an Aquarius woman and compel her to pay attention to you. Aquarius women are attracted to people who seem like a hard nut to crack. An Aquarius woman might ignore you. All you have to do is show that you have standards, and you do not fall for someone easily. That is when an Aquarius woman is likely to see you as a challenge that she would love to win.
  • Show Her Interest – Aquarius women usually have many ideas and things that they love to share with other people, especially with the ones they feel comfortable with. However, most of their ideas are different from traditional and orthodox beliefs and customs; therefore, you need to show her that you are interested in understanding the way she thinks and whatever she is saying. At some points, you can also give your opinion and confirm that you find her point of view appealing. Do not impulsively disapprove of whatever she says without understanding it to the core, as this might turn her off and even make her defensive.
  • Be Yourself – Aquarius women hate fake people, so do not do anything that is not a part of your genuine behavior or viewpoint. As Aquarius women pay attention to the minor details of whatever you say and do, they are likely to spot discrepancies. They feel no discomfort in communicating them to you without any hesitation. Aquarius women are naturally attracted to truthful people and who like to demonstrate their true self and intentions instead of making them up just for social desirability. This is because Aquarius women themselves are unconventional; they can understand even if you are different. They may accept you with a million flaws, but they will never accept someone with a fake persona of perfection.
  • Friendship First – Aquarius Women are entirely in love with their freedom more than anything else. They are reluctant to form intimate relationships. However, one good thing is that Aquarius women love to socialize and usually have many friends. It is easier to get in their friend’s zone first so that they start feeling comfortable with you, and you get to know her too. Once you become good friends with them, they will open up with you, and then you will have a chance to impress and attract them to convince them that you are the one for them.

Here are some things you can do to attract her:

  • Care for Them – Aquarius women are strong and self-sufficient; however, they need emotional associations and care now and then. It would help if you showed them that you care about them through simple gestures and actions; however, keep in mind that you should not behave overly protective. Showing them that you are overprotective for them will work the opposite way, and they will likely interpret it as an action to take away their freedom. Once they have interpreted your protective actions as interference, they will not consult you about anything. Once they see you coming between them and their freedom, they will throw you out of their life.
  • Be Straight – Aquarius women do not like manipulations or fakeness. Once you are in her friend’s zone, you should tell her that you are interested in forming an intimate relationship with her. Of course, this might not come to her as a surprise, yet she will be astonished if you propose to her to be your girlfriend before the time that she has expected you to do it. It would be best if you told her what you feel for her and what you are capable of doing for her. Ensure that you do not sound materialistic as Aquarius women value emotions and love over the material value you can bring to their lives.
  • Be Supportive – You will be surprised to know that Aquarius women love freedom and self-sufficiency; however, when they fall in love with someone or are very close to a friend of them, they always require a lot of attention and support from them on every matter of their life. They do not need anyone’s help in achieving goals and conquering dreams, but if you are supportive, they would love to do it with you by their side. You not only need to have unconditional love and regard for them, but you also need to prove it by saying it and through your actions. They may know that you care and support them, but they love it when you say it.
  • Be Expressive – Aquarius women know very well if you are truthful to them or are just playing with words; you need to express your emotions the way they are in the form of words and actions. They love to hear real comments and compliments on their work as well as their personality and beauty. They like to hear compliments, but only if you mean what you are saying, and exaggeration is extremely discouraged. It would help if you kept a balance in your compliments to make them sound more realistic. They prefer being complimented on their work efficiency and intelligence a little more than beauty and personality-based compliments. Aquarius women are significantly helping in nature; a good idea would be to ask them for help, which is related to their area of expertise, and then compliment and thank what they have done for you.
  • Keep Surprising – Aquarius women are unpredictable, and they also do not like their life flowing in one constant direction. It is better to keep thinking of ways to surprise them and bring excitement to your relationship or friendship. Holding a surprise birthday party or other such predictable events will not work because even if you haven’t told them about it before, it is still somehow predictable. Things that you can do to surprise them include gifts given without any occasion, planning a vacation adventure to remote places, taking them to festivals that they have never seen before, or singing and dance for them at a party. If you are considering giving them a gift, you need to know that they value your efforts more than the money you are investing in. Whatever you wish to provide them with, making sure that it reflects your efforts.
  • Give them Space and Time – A good thing about Aquarius women is that they are very straightforward about what they want and need. If they are under some emotional circumstance that they need time and space to work out, they would ask for it. The best thing that you can do is to give them what they are asking for. They are not the ones who would tell you to provide them with space and then expect you to stick to them during that time. When they want your attention and care, they will ask for it. Being clingy when they are irritated annoys them even more, and that is why they cut off their social ties when they are emotionally unstable.

How do you seduce Aquarius Women?

To seduce an Aquarius woman, you need to make sure that you have the right environment and the right time to do so. They like to be in control. Do not persuade or try to force them; otherwise, they might just stand up and leave. Once you feel comfortable, you can increase the pace because they like to see other people making their efforts for them. Once they feel loved, they are likely to dominate and be expressive too.

Here are some tips that can help you seduce an Aquarius Women

  • At the very start, you must try to exchange naughty texts with them to see if they are ready to be physically involved with you.
  • They love beautiful and aesthetic places. Try to woo them on a proper date with flowers, cakes, and a candle-lit set-up.
  • Aquarius women do not mind taking the initiative, but if they don’t, you can try but make sure that you ask them if they approve. Approval is necessary – in every relationship.
  • They like creativity in everything, including sex; make sure that you try all the possible ways to make them feel loved.

The Telltale Signs That They Are Falling In Love with You

Aquarius women will always be kind and affectionate; however, you will notice that they will try to stay connected when they fall in love with you. They will try to explore your personality and your ambitions to understand you better. They are very straightforward. They may not even wait for you to express as they will themselves start to give you hints that they like you.

Making Her Yours Forever- How to Get There

Once you have proposed to her, you need to tell her that she has all the time that she needs to think about it and then make a decision because rushing it would lead her to sense desperation. She may tell you that she would need a lot of time and all you have to do is agree because that might be a test to check your consistency.

In case an Aquarius woman refuses you, you need to understand that there is no coming back.

She would love to be with you as a friend forever, but once she refuses to a relationship, it means that you can never convince her to be in it no matter how hard you try.
This is because Aquarius women are very straight forward; if they consider that they can have feelings for you or already have feelings for you, they are likely to say yes or ask for a little time to think. But if they feel that they can’t develop intimate feelings for you, it will be a straightforward no.
They value the emotions and time of other people and themselves; therefore, they will not waste any of these things.

Concluding Thoughts

Aquarius women are a great partner for anyone adventurous, freedom-loving, and have unconditional positive regard for them. If you want to attract an Aquarius woman, you need to show her who you are and that you will respect her freedom. It would help if you had great patience and flexibility to understand unconventional views and creative ways to sort things out. They are likely to do more for you, whatever you do for them. You don’t need to worry that you will be the only one making efforts in the relationship. highly recommends "The Tao of Badass" to seduce and keep the woman of your dreams in your life. Click below to find our more!
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