How to Attract a Scorpio Woman

When she says she is in love, it is the never-ending kind of love.

The world is an uncanny place to live. You meet different types of people, and their personalities differ. Your heart sets on one person, but attracting them feels like an impossible task. Did you know that knowing someone’s personality traits can help in creating an attraction and seduction game plan?

Women come from Venus, but each one of them have a different personality. Our zodiac signs set us apart from person A. Take the example of a Cancer woman and a Scorpio woman. Both have different personalities. A Cancer woman is sensitive, and she is also very homely. They do not indulge in sex just for fun! For a Cancer woman, sex is an act of love. A Scorpio woman is mysterious, but they are also considered sex goddesses. However, both Cancer and Scorpio women are water signs, so you can expect the same level of sensitivity.

Speaking of Scorpio women and their love for passionate sex, we thought of telling you more about this mystical lady. If you are on a mission to attract a Scorpio lady, we will help you with that.

Here’s an elaborate post on how to attract a Scorpio woman. As a man, you want to know everything about her. Learning about her traits will help you get closer to her. Let’s dive right into the topic.

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Personality Traits of a Scorpio Woman – Understanding The Mysterious Girl

Peter Andre’s famous song, ‘Mysterious Girl’ is perfect for a Scorpio woman. That’s what she is!

When in love, this lady keeps her best foot forward. But, there is something which makes her extremely alluring to all the men.

A Scorpio woman is someone who likes to keep her cards close to her heart. She will never nag or continue talking about her problems. This lady has a lot of secrets inside her heart, but she chooses to let it stay inside. Don’t expect her to reveal everything about her because she waits for the right time.

Her secrets are like little nuggets of precious gemstones or gold. She will only tell you about her deepest secrets when she is fully comfortable.

This is not to say that a Scorpio woman is boring or non-chatty. They love to make friends, and would be happy to hang out with you. However, she is known for being the mysterious one. She likes to remain silent and observe people.

When she goes to a new and unfamiliar place, she likes to observe people. Her silence is a weapon! If something has been bothering them for a long time, they would drink it all up and never reveal the hurt to a new set of friends.

Take the example of an Aries woman – they have a loud personality and like to be vocal about their feelings. But, a Scorpio woman has a very calm and composed personality. She stays aloof, but once she sets her eyes on someone, she does everything to get them!

Don’t ever get into a fight with this lady because she is a tough cookie. Even during a meeting, she will walk away calmly and make others sweat in the room. The calm exterior of hers is a way to shake things up and make everyone uncomfortable.

She is someone who is extremely sexy and attractive. Men cannot resist a Scorpio woman because she has a mysterious aura. The question is – How do you attract this lady? Keep reading to find out!

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman

How To Attract A Scorpio Woman?

Attracting a Scorpio woman is not going to be a cakewalk for you! She is not looking for a person who lays all his cards on the table. Since she is a mysterious woman, she likes men who have a hint of mystery too. Hold back and save some details about you. If you are too upfront about the type of person you are, she will lose interest immediately.

She wishes to solve the puzzle herself. Don’t make it too easy for her to understand you. A Scorpio woman stays silent, but she observes the person closely.

Play the same game with her, and do not blurt out a lot of information. All this may seem tough, but we have some tips for you.

Here are some things you can do to attract her:

  • Don’t break her trust – A Scorpio woman takes a lot of time to open up. If you break her trust, she will never see you again. Yes, we did tell you to be mysterious, but you should never hide some sensitive details about you. For example, if you are divorced/married/separated, share it with the girl. She does not appreciate lies, especially when you are trying to attract her.
  • Never be cheap in front of her – She is a classy woman, and wants the best man for her. Never let her push you around. She wants a man who has self-respect, and considers himself a winner. Acting like a loser and not standing up for yourself can put an end to your relationship with a Scorpio woman. You have to be a strong-willed man.
  • Playing hard-to-get – A Scorpio woman does not like clingy people. You have self-respect and pride too! Give her some cues that you like her, but don’t chase her.
  • Give up the idea of telling her what to do – This lady is not going to listen to you (in the beginning). She detests bossy men, especially those who try to force things on her. Let her make the decisions. Once she falls in love with you, she will agree to most things you say. But, if you are trying to attract her, give up the idea of being her owner. You are playing with fire, my dear. Don’t burn yourself by trying to tell her what she needs to do.
  • Being kind – A Scorpio woman is attracted to kindness. She is the type who would head out to the change the world. She can also connect with people who are suffering. You do not have to fake it as being kind comes from within. You can take her out to a shelter (animal shelter, unprivileged children’s shelter, or old age home). Don’t just do charity to impress her! Be kind to people who matter to her.
  • Don’t be too flirty – When you are with her, make sure your eyes don’t wander. She wants to be only lady in your life. A Scorpio woman seeks loyalty, and nothing else matters to her. If she notices that you are a loyal person, she will get attracted to you. Stay invested!
  • Respecting her – This is a basic need for any woman. She wants you to respect her choices in life. If a man is able to respect her time, choices, and the way she is, she will certainly get attracted to him.

How do you seduce a Scorpio woman?

Once you have attracted her, it is time to seduce the lady.

Attraction is just the beginning, but seduction plays an important role. Why? Sexual chemistry matters a lot in a woman’s life. If two people are not sexually satisfied, it leads to a series of issues. That’s one of the reasons why people cheat in a relationship.

We have some seduction tips for you! A Scorpio woman may be mysterious, but she is a sex goddess. Once you turn her on, the sex life will be wild and interesting.

She may be a water sign, but she is fireworks in the bedroom.

Here are some tips that will help you seduce a Scorpio woman:

  • This water sign is seeking stability from her partner. To seduce her, you need to attract her. She will not make love till she gets attracted to you.
  • She is someone who likes to be seduced. Don’t keep things boring within the confines of the bedroom. Go down on her and give her multiple orgasms. You can also kiss her on different parts of the body. You need to indulge in long foreplays.
  • Please remember that a Scorpio woman is very aggressive in bed. She will introduce you to a whole new world, and it will be quite sexy.
  • During sex, be vocal about your emotions. Well, don’t start crying. You need to talk dirty to her!
  • Don’t act hasty while you are making love to her. She wants the sex to last very long. Give her the ultimate pleasure, and don’t be hasty while going down on her. It is advisable to try different positions, and not ejaculate at a speedy pace.

The Telltale Signs That They Are Falling In Love With You

When a Scorpio woman falls in love, she loves with all her heart. You should be careful because she trusts her man completely. Don’t do anything that would break her trust.

One of the sure-shot signs of her falling in love is that she becomes controlling.

She also has a self-destructive nature which might be scary for a man. That’s precisely why she needs a strong-willed man.

A Scorpio woman gets jealous and insecure easily. If she loves you, she will be completely devoted to you. You won’t find her flirting around with other men.

Once in love, she will give you all her time and will never want to share you with anyone. She is a possessive lady which is why the man needs to keep distance from other women.

The possessiveness is just a reflection of her caring nature. Usually a Scorpio woman is silent, but once she is in love, she would want to share her whole life with you.

Also, she would initiate a sexual affair with you. That’s because she will start feeling comfortable around you.

Make Her Yours Forever – How To Get There?

A Scorpio woman needs a man who is loyal and stable. She wants to invest in a man who can stick with her through thick and thin.

You need to be a strong-willed man. A Scorpio woman is not good at sharing her true emotions. She likes to bottle up her feelings. So, try not to say hurtful things or don’t make her jealous or insecure. Be kind towards her and everyone around her.

A man who respects her and himself is perfect for a Scorpio woman. You should be an independent man (both financially and mentally). Give her the space she needs, and never tell her what to do.

A Scorpio woman never cheats on her partner simply because she loves them with all her heart. Don’t try to doubt this lady as she gives her 100% to the relationship.

To make her yours forever, be kind, strong-willed, and devoted. Men try to use tactics like making the girl jealous and taking away her freedom. All these tactics are not welcome in a Scorpio woman’s world.

You have to be the kind of man who wants stability. You should be loyal to her, and not flirt around. All she needs is loyalty and someone to take care of her.

Give her commitment, and make her happy in bed. She does not like a monotonous relationship, so fill her life with excitement. Introduce new sex positions and take time when you go down on her.

Concluding Thoughts

A Scorpio woman is a real sex goddess. You cannot control her, but you can expect sheer devotion from her end.

Fill her life with excitement, loyalty, love, and sexual pleasure. If you are ready to settle down and not play with her emotions, she will be an excellent partner for life.

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