How to Attract a Libra Woman

‘Politeness is the flower of humanity.’

Do you wish to have a caring and enthusiastic partner in life? If the answer is a YES, then a Libra woman will make your heart and soul happy.

Men usually opt for a polite woman, who keeps all the cards to herself. She will not reveal everything about her on the first date. The mysterious side of hers is appealing to most of the men.
She loves to live her life to the fullest, but she is not a risk-taker. A submissive lover, and an extremely imaginative woman, she will be an excellent companion. If you are attracted to a Libra woman, we won’t be surprised. She is very affectionate, and loves showcasing her fun side.

How to attract a Libra woman? That’s the question hovering over your mind. Here is an elaborate post on how to attract a lady with a Libra zodiac sign. She has a personality of her own! Before we dive into the seduction and attraction tips, let’s take a look at the personality traits. Once you understand her personality, it will be easy to get into her ‘good books.’ Let’s get started!

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Personality Traits of a Libra Woman

A Libra woman has two different sides. She is supremely affectionate towards her partner and friends, but she can be very unreliable too. Telling her a secret means announcing it to the whole world. She is not a very good secret-keeper.

If she makes good friends, she will maintain the friendship till her last breath. However, when things go wrong between her and a friend, she will ensure that the separation is not a pleasant one.

A Libra woman doesn’t open up to anyone easily. It takes some time for her to trust someone and make friends. She is a reserved human which makes it easy for her to keep her deepest secrets in her heart.

She is an ambitious woman, and THAT quality drives most of the men crazy (in a good way).

Well, we shall straight get to the point later, but take a look at the personality traits of a Libra woman.

  • Docile
  • Imaginative
  • Enthusiastic
  • Reserved
  • Pleasant
  • Polite
  • Affectionate
  • Unreliable
  • Narcissist

Everyone has negative traits, and a Libra woman is not different. A Libra woman does not like being criticized. There will be times when they will not accept their mistakes. That’s because they think they are always right. If you love this woman, let her win the argument. It takes heart and plenty of love to forgive someone. Although it might be frustrating to cuddle with her after a fight because she does not feel apologetic.

But, she is a peace-loving human. Fights will be few, and you will always see a pleasant and polite woman.

Let’s take a look at the ways to attract and seduce her. Note – Make sure you do not do anything to bring out her negative traits. If all goes smoothly, this relationship will be blissful.

How to Attract a Libra Woman

How To Attract A Libra Woman? – Things You Need To Know About The Docile Damsel

A Libra woman can be indecisive. Don’t try to force her to make a decision. It is best to let her take some time. On second thoughts, love cannot be forced. You need to be patient in the game of love. The same goes for attracting a Libra woman. She is naturally flirty, and it will take time for her to get attracted to someone.

A loud-mouthed, aggressive, and abusive man is not a perfect match for a Libra woman. She is a polite lady, and expects the same kind of man to enter her life.

Good conversations can be sexy for any woman. Of course, there are certain women from different zodiac signs who either love to talk or prefer to stay quiet.

A Libra woman likes a good two-way conversation. But, it is preferable for her to have a partner who listens to every word she utters.

All this may seem like a challenge to you, but a Libra woman is easy to please. Getting her to commit to you will be a tough road to take, but attracting her is not as challenging.

Here are some things you can do to attract her:

  • Be a good listener – Most of the women want a man who can listen to her all day long. A Libra woman likes a good listener. If you are able to listen to her without passing any judgment, she would be happy to be your girl.
  • Look attractive – Yes, she is drawn to your beautiful mind, but she is also attracted to physical attributes. She likes to surround herself with pretty little things and good-looking people. When you are around a Libra woman, dress up well, and make sure you do not look shabby. Put on some fragrant perfume, and use some mouth freshener. She loves it when a man dresses up well.
  • Be Her Buddy – If you are not her best buddy, she will never be your romantic partner. For a Libra woman, it is important to have a partner whom she can share all her secrets with. You have to be her best buddy in order to get her attention or attract her. Even though she is an unreliable friend, but she needs someone who can keep her secrets safe.
  • Being polite – A Libra woman is sweet and very polite. She is looking for a man who is as polite and humble. If you are aggressive, abusive, and rude, she will lost interest immediately. She is very graceful, polite, humble, and reserved. Being unkind towards people and using abusive language is a big turn off for her.

These were some of the things you CAN do to attract her. What about seducing the lady? Let’s say you were successful at attracting her. The next step is to explore her body and make love to her. How do you do that? How do you convince her to make love? Well, you will find that out in the next section.

How do you seduce a Libra Woman?

Seducing a Libra woman is easy. She is the kind who would want you to praise her beauty. But, make sure that the relationship is not just about sex. A Libra lady is emotional, and sex is not just a biological or satisfying act for her.

Here are some tips that will help you seduce a Libra woman:

  • Kiss her passionately – A Libra woman is an old-school romantic. While making ‘love’ to her, make sure you kiss her for long. She likes to laze around and kiss between the sheets. It builds the passion, and turns her on.
  • Say naughty and sweet things into her ear – She loves it when a man talks sweet things while making love to her. Tell her that she is a beautiful woman and that you are lucky to be with her.
  • Avoid rushing – Be gentle! Don’t try to rush the sex part with a Libra woman. She is a reserved woman, and does not respond well to men who are rush or act pushy. Start with the foreplay and move towards the main course slowly.
  • Keep it romantic – As we mentioned before, a Libra woman loves to have a romantic time with her partner. Fix a romantic candle-lit dinner for her, and add some fairy lights to the room where you will be making love. How about getting a bottle of champagne?
  • Praise her – She is attracted to beautiful things, but she also wants to hear compliments. Make sure you pamper her, and say sweet things about her hair, face, body, and even the lingerie she wears.
  • The Telltale Signs That They Are Falling In Love With You

    A Libra woman likes to be in her shell. Once she falls in love with you, she will open up and speak candidly. She will tell you all the secrets of her life.

    A Libra woman is not someone who shares her secrets with everyone. Yes, she does not keep anyone’s secrets in her heart, but does not spill hers openly. If you are the man she loves, she will tell you all about her past, present, and future plans.

    One of the traits of a Libra woman is that she is indecisive. There is always a state of confusion, but when she chooses you as the MAN she wants to be with, there will be no mystification.
    There are other signs that portray her love for you. These include getting comfortable around you, and even having deep discussions about the future. A Libra woman is very caring as a partner. She will be your best friend, and would take good care of you.

    She is ambitious, and would also motivate you to chase your dreams.

    However, be ready for some arguments. She will only argue with you if she is truly in love with you. Once she falls in love, she will not care about anything else! As a partner, she is devoted and will fight for you with the whole world.

    Make Her Yours Forever – How To Get There?

    A Libra woman is looking for a man who can be her confidant. She is happy with a circle of friends, but she would like to share all her secrets with her man. If you are already in a relationship with her, make sure you take interest in her life. Ask her about her life, career, choices, and family. She wants someone who is reliable and will never leave her alone in times of trouble.

    Even if a tough situation arrives, never have an uncontrolled outburst because she gets scared of aggressive men. If you are at fault, apologise to her. In case she is at fault, tell her about the issues politely.

    She wants a calm and composed man. Anybody with an aggressive side will scare a Libra woman away.

    A polite man with a great ambition can be highly appealing for a Libra woman. She is a reserved and docile woman. She is also very flirty with people whom she gets comfortable with.

    But, you need to win her trust to be able to win her heart. Stay invested in her, and don’t give up. Make sure you put the effort to dress up well, and find time for her. A Libra woman likes romantic gestures.

    So, make sure you are vocal about your feelings, but don’t be pushy.

    Concluding Thoughts

    Now that you are fully aware of how a Libra woman is, you can approach her without any hesitation.

    She is a wonderful soul, but has some negative traits too. If you love her, you will be able to take care of her emotions.

    Librans are reserved and shy, but they will fight for the causes they believe in.

    You have to ensure that you give her your full devotion and time. She is not a very needy partner, but requires constant reminders that you love her.

    For a Libra woman, commitment is of utmost importance. She is not with you solely for sexual purposes. When she makes love, there is no other meaning attached to it. For her, it is an act of love. So, be sure not to hurt her feelings.

    She is a polite woman, and will never hurt someone deliberately. However, friendships may turn nasty if someone tries to score points with her. Never break her heart because she does not take it lightly.

    Once you understand her heart, it will be easy to see a future with her. Knowing her flaws will make you extra careful of what not to say to her. So, approach her and make sure you show her the true meaning of romance. highly recommends "The Tao of Badass" to seduce and keep the woman of your dreams in your life. Click below to find our more!
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