How to Attract a Cancer Woman

‘Don’t ever take a Cancer woman for granted.’

She laughs easily, and goes through a rollercoaster of emotions inside her head and heart. A Cancer woman is someone who will give you her heart for life, but there are a lot of things you need to know about her.

A poised lady on the street, but a lioness in the bedroom – attracting a Cancer woman is not impossible, but you need to put in the extra efforts.

Here’s an elaborate post that talks about the traits of a Cancer woman. How to attract a Cancer woman? You have to KNOW her personality to attract her. We will help you with that! Let’s dive right into her personality traits, and then we shall look at the seduction and attraction tips.

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Personality Traits Of A Cancer Woman

Women can be QUITE moody. Blame it on the hormones! Dear men, women go through Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and that can be frustrating. She gets her period every month, keeps a baby in her womb, and even gives up her home and family to be with you. Of course, a woman will be moody as she is going through a lot. Men have a choice of not getting waxed, but a woman has to be dainty and pretty all the time.

A Cancer woman is no different. But, there are some women from different zodiac signs that showcase a very independent and care-free side.

The Cancer woman does not like telling her man to do something for her. She wants him to do it anyway (without being told). She is looking for a thoughtful man, who is going to take her away to a beautiful castle. Attracting her is not a cakewalk, but it is doable for most men.

How to Attract a Cancer Woman

How To Attract A Cancer? – Things To Know About The Moody Lady

A Cancer woman is an excellent partner. She can balance both things like a PRO – home and work. Don’t teach her the art of being a good mother or a woman. She has motherly instincts, and loves her family a lot.

In fact, if you bring her home, she will be the ideal daughter-in-law and a charming mother. She is responsible, loving, supremely caring, and a great listener. The question is – How do you attract her? We jotted down some tips for you. Take a look!

Here are some of the things you can do to attract her:

  • A Cancer woman loves it when you compliment her. You don’t have to flatter her with fake compliments, but you can be nice to her. Let’s say you step out for a date, make sure you tell her she is looking good. Perhaps you can compliment her on a non-physical trait. You can tell her she is a very funny and sweet woman. It does not have to be about physical attributes all the time!
  • She is very caring and sensitive. If you want to have a fling with her, you are going to hurt her deeply once the union ends. Date a Cancer woman if you are IN it for eternity. She is looking for a man who is not afraid of commitment, and values her feelings.
  • If you wish to avoid conflict with a Cancer woman, follow her rules and regulations.
  • She is conservative, so make sure you do not get too sexual with her right at the first encounter. Be a gentleman, ask her how she feels, shower some compliments, and make sure the date goes smooth and easy. Don’t put forward the idea of having sex on the first date. She is not the type who would get to the third base on the first date.
  • The woman is looking for stability. Tell her about your dreams, aspirations, and a future with her. Don’t tell her about the number of women you have dated. Show her that SHE is the only woman who has made him feel lucky and special.

How do you seduce a Cancer Woman?

A Cancer woman does not fall in love quickly. She loves the wooing game! Perhaps you can plan the perfect date, and give her a Hollywood romantic movie-inspired end.

Getting her to commit to you is going to take some time. She is not the type of woman who will be ready to hit the sack with you on the first date.

The key to seduce a Cancer woman is to have patience. She is not going to be easy to please!

But, do remember, a Cancer woman can be quite erotic. She is like a lamb in the room, but a feisty tigress in the bedroom. How do you get her into the bedroom? We have mentioned some of the effective tips below. Go through it now!

Here are some tips that will help you to seduce a Cancer woman:

  • Work on your dance moves. The Cancer woman is attracted to a man who can woo her. You will have to be the first to initiate a conversation. Seducing her with a dance CAN work. Take her out for dancing, and show her your moves. Perhaps you can teach her!
  • A Cancer woman needs a man who can rescue her from the castle. Can you protect her? A man would agree to that, but she needs to see the actions.
  • She is an old-school romantic. Give her hand-written notes, poems, and messages. Put a heart at the end of the text. Write a love letter to her, and keep it tasteful. She will not respond to a dirty SEXTEXT. Perhaps use words like, ‘let’s go for a long getaway this weekend. I’d be the luckiest man to make love to an amazing woman like you.’ Now, this is tasteful, and not dirty.
  • Set up a candlelight dinner at home. She likes a romantic man who can make life a fairytale story! If you block her out and let her do all the planning, she will move out and never look back. She has to feel like a princess!
  • A Cancer woman is looking for a lifetime companion. If she senses that you are not seeing a future with her, she will break up with you. To seduce a Cancer woman, you have to make her believe that you are IN it for life.

The Telltale Signs That They Are Falling In Love With You

For starters, a Cancer woman is not the ‘party’ type. She gets dragged to parties and social events, but she does not like doing that. She will spend all her time alone in a room, but socialization is too much of a hassle.

If she starts opening up to you, and shares her dreams, desires, and ambitions, then you are the HERO.

Even at the early stage of a relationship, the Cancer woman will be extremely caring and compassionate.

If she is in love with you, she will care for you. Don’t get nervous if she starts bringing home-cooked food and calls to check how you are doing.

She is a good listener, so she will hear you out. A Cancer woman tries to comfort you in whatever way she can!

You need to understand that a Cancer woman does not get comfortable easily. If she is getting comfortable with you and is spending a lot of time, she is certainly in love with you.

Another thing you would notice is that a Cancer woman tends to get insecure. She needs reassurance that you will be around her. Perhaps she will ask you whether you see a future with her or not.

While it is subjective, a Cancer woman is an excellent cook. They are very homely, and like to cook up a great meal for their partner. She would ask you about your favourite meal or something you liked during your childhood.

When things get serious, she will ask you to meet her parents. She knows what she wants, and will never hide it. Her family is the most important part of her life. Give them respect, and meet them like a true gentleman. If a Cancer woman is seriously in love with you, she will take the plunge and introduce you to her parents.

If you are seriously thinking about a future with this lady, make sure you talk about children and a future together. She wants to hear it from you!

Making Her Yours Forever – How To Get There?

That’s quite easy! To make a Cancer woman yours forever, you have to follow certain guidelines. Actually, any man who loves his woman should be following the same.

  • She loves her family a lot. Give them as much respect and love as she does.
  • Cook something for her at home. Invite her over and set up a table for two. You can even set a camping spot inside the house. She loves a man who plans surprises and treats her like a princess.
  • Initiate the idea of meeting her friends. She wants you to bond with her friends, but don’t start flirting with them. She wishes to showcase that her man loves her a lot. Don’t do anything else as DOES get angry. Her temper can be life-altering.
  • She needs reassurance and validation time and again. Confidence is not in-built (at least for a Cancer woman). You need to tell her time and again that you love her completely. Make sure you tell her that she is good-looking and wonderful in many ways. Do not hurt her by making rude remarks.
  • Try something new in the bedroom. A Cancer woman may not be vocal about what she wants SEXUALLY, but you should initiate something new. It will keep her interested! A woman enjoys being with a partner who has a good sexual appetite. You should be a hungry beast! While having sex, make sure you compliment her body or things she does.
  • Be totally devoted to her! She wants a partner who can commit. She is the type of woman who wants to build a home with you and have children. Well, most of the women want that, but a Cancer woman is attracted to men who are not afraid of commitment.

If you give her the same love and respect that she gives you, she will be yours forever. Don’t keep her hanging or treat her like a piece of meat. She is caring, giving, and very sensitive. Don’t break her heart by cheating on her or saying anything hurtful about her family.

Concluding Thoughts

Dear men, moodiness is a part of her personality. Don’t judge or yell at her for being sensitive. Everyone has a different personality. You may not care, but she does.

If you are wanting to be with this woman or seduce her, you have to be IN it for life. It is possible that things may not turn out favourable at a later stage, but you can end the union mutually.

Ideally, initiate everything – the conversation, a holiday, a perfect romantic date, and even meeting the parents.

Loving a Cancer woman comes with several perks. She is a devoted lady, and does not hurt you in any way. Her mood swings may be hard to deal with, but she is an excellent companion.

Learn to NOT say or do things that bring out her moody or insecure side. If you are able to win her for life, she will be the most amazing sexual partner. Things will never get boring in the bedroom.

Most importantly, she will be everyone’s favourite in your family. A Cancer woman is the perfect wife, daughter, mother, and friend. Talk about your feelings with her, she will listen to you without any judgment. highly recommends "The Tao of Badass" to seduce and keep the woman of your dreams in your life. Click below to find our more!
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