How to Attract a Cancer Woman

‘A sensitive soul sees the world through the lens of love.’

Shy, reflective, and mysterious – a Cancer man is a tough cookie. Perhaps it will take three or four dates for him to get comfortable with you. When someone gets too frank with a Cancer man in the first meeting, he hides in his comfy shell. While some men (belonging to other zodiac sign groups) like approaching a woman and getting straight to the point, the Cancer man likes to take it slow.

Aggression in a woman is not something the Cancer man fancies. The million-dollar question is – How to attract a Cancer man? If the crab likes staying inside a shell – what should you do to make him fall in love with you?

Well, we know all about a Cancer man, and would love to share the different ways to attract him. Here’s an elaborate post on ‘how do you attract a Cancer man?’ Let’s get started!

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Personality Traits of a Cancer Man

Every zodiac sign has particular traits that sets them apart from the rest of the world. Even a Cancer man has certain personality traits that you should be aware of. People are different from each other in a number of ways. A Sagittarius man is poles apart from a Cancer man because their personality traits are different. So, let’s understand what a Cancer man is like.

  • Sensitive
  • Timid
  • Introvert
  • Emotional
  • Domestic
  • Traditional
  • Helpful
  • Romantic
  • Good sense of humour
  • Nurturing
  • Intuitive

These are some of the words that define a Cancer man. When we say he has a good sense of humour, it does not pop out for everyone in the crowd. It takes time for a Cancer man to develop comfort with another human being. If you are being pushy and asking them to OPEN up about their feelings in the beginning, they will disappear. You have to give them time to open up to anyone.
Cancer men are introverts, but once they are in love with you, they would shower you with gifts, love, care, and the whole world.

How to Attract a Cancer Man

How To Attract A Cancer Man? – Wooing The Sensitive Lad

Let’s get to the real meat! You have been wanting to know how you can attract a Cancer man. Now that you are aware of his personality, you must note that he is a conventional man. His family and home are his priority!

He is not the type who likes to go wild at parties. A Cancer man is patient, and can hide a world of feelings inside his heart.

If you want to win his heart and be the lady love, follow some of the tips that we have shared below. We have so much more to tell you!

Here are some of the things you can do to attract a Cancer man:

  • Ask him about his family. Cancer men have a reputation of being a mumma’s boy. Perhaps you can check how his mom is doing. This particular zodiac sign pays special attention to their family. If the family loves you and the mother adores, you, the man will be yours.
  • A Cancer man is complicated. He wants a woman who is as complicated but STRONG. She should be passionate, but highly devoted towards him. If you want to attract him, you can make the first move but do not be forceful. He would want to see whether you have perseverance. In case you stick around despite him being aloof, he would get comfortable with you.
  • A Cancer man likes a homely girl who watches romantic flicks at home. He likes to shake a leg at parties (once in a while), but does not like a woman who parties all night long. He does not want a wild woman who spends more time at parties. Make a bucket of popcorn for him, bake a cake with him, and watch a movie at home. He would love that!
  • He is not into a short-term fling. If you are IN it for sexual reasons, find another partner. A Cancer man can get hurt easily. He is trying to build something important with you. But, if you are not on the same page, do not be in a relationship with him.

These are some of the things you can do to make him yours. If you ask us, there is not much to demand. You just have to be watchful of what you say or do. The conventional man gives you their heart, and expects the same in return. They are not going to be in a relationship for a fling or sexual reasons!

How do you seduce a Cancer man?

Speaking of SEX, there are some sure-shot ways to seduce a Cancer man. Now, seduction is a very personal thing. There is a possibility that he may or may not like something you do. No matter how you dress up or what you say, never hurt the man and then force him to have sex with you.

The Cancer man needs to develop a certain level of comfort with you before taking off your clothes. A Cancer man has insecurities – they are scared of getting rejected. Hence, they might be aloof at first, but will slowly be open to the idea of having sex.

Here are some seduction tips just for you:

  • Be a kind woman. The Cancer men have no interest in rude and selfish women. If you are the arguing type, avoid getting physical with him.
  • A Cancer man does not want a Chameleon. My dear girls, he likes you to be yourself. Don’t be Person A in front of him when in real you are Person B.
  • A Cancer man (just like other men) likes it when a woman dresses classy. Wear nice heels, dress up clean, and get a manicure/pedicure done. If you can afford it, get some nail extensions done and put on some pretty makeup. A short dress with a little bit of the bum rounds showing or a sexy gown will make him go wild. If a Cancer man is comfortable around you, he might even do PDA. He is not afraid of showcasing his true feelings towards you. He should be proud of whom he is walking with! So, dress up elegant yet sexy.
  • Surprise him with a homely meal and a dinner setup. If you want to woo him, don’t take him to a loud party. He is not too fond of crowds or free-flowing alcohol. Yes, he likes to have fun once in a while. But, he does not want you to climb up the bar ramp and scream. Cook a meal for him and lay the table. He will certainly get floored by the gesture.
  • Be available for him. A Cancer man likes the idea of being wanted. If he calls you, take the call. In case he misses you, be there for him physically or over a call. Do not leave his message unattended. He is a sensitive man, and does not like the idea of being avoided.
  • The Cancer man needs a caring girl. Make sure you drop a message time and again to let him know you are around. Be around to encourage him and find time to do things he loves.

By doing these above-mentioned things, you will be able to attract a Cancer man.

You can even tell him that you see a future with him. He likes to talk about the future and his family. If he is going through a family issue, encourage him to talk about it. He should feel comfortable around you.

It is not just about wearing the sexiest outfit in front of a Cancer man, it is about making him comfortable around you. If you have achieved that, he will get seduced and make love to you like a beast.

Now, please note that just because he is sensitive, it does not mean he is lousy in bed. He is fireworks! Well, you can find that out yourself. Make sure you shower compliments on him. He will love that!

The Telltale Signs That They Are Falling In Love With You

A Cancer man is highly loving and warm. When he falls in love with you, he will be very comfortable and endearing. He would talk to you for hours and share everything about his family and dreams.

He will keep your needs ahead of his. Moreover, a Cancer man will be extremely passionate when in love. He won’t be afraid of PDA. If he is in love with you, he will not be afraid to hold your hand and show you off to the world.

A Cancer man will talk about the future with you. In fact, he will start thinking of the names of the kids. Don’t get scared by his grand gestures because he is the type who loves with all his heart.

A Cancer man is extremely loving and committed towards his partner. Give him love, loyalty, and lots of care – he will give you his life, soul, and more. Don’t be a mean or argumentative woman as they will hide inside their shell.

If he is falling in love with you, he would want full dedication and the same love that he gives to you. He will no longer be shy, timid, or aloof.

How To Make Him Yours Forever?

Giving him great sex is not the only thing to get his attention or love. A Cancer man has true feelings, and they are very devoted towards the partner.

They are not interested in a fling. If you are with a Cancer man, you can be sure that he has thought about a future with you. In case you are mentally stable, loving, caring, and homely woman, he will be with you forever.

Don’t do anything to hurt him. If that happens, he will act cold towards you. The best way to make him yours forever is to be compassionate, loving, caring, and leave the ‘I and ME’ attitude.
For the Cancer man, you both are in the same team. Hear out his feelings, and he will be happy to hear yours.

When someone is depressed, the Cancer man knows that something is bothering them. He will ask as compassionately as he can. A Cancer man is someone who will always be ready to help his friends and partner. So, showcase your true side and give up your ego. If you are seriously in love with a Cancer man, try and become a homely person and enquire about his family time and again. Work towards building a home and a family with him. If he sees that you are all of this and more, he will bring you home.

Concluding Thoughts

Never ever betray a Cancer man because he fears that his potential partner might do that. Don’t try to make him jealous as he will never compete. It will hurt his feelings even more, and he might just hide in his shell for a very long time.

You must understand that a Cancer man is extremely sensitive. It takes a lot for them to open to you. So, don’t dent their faith/trust.

Take it slow and be patient with him. Don’t expect him to take you home for a wild night as it takes time for them to be comfortable around someone.

If they have a wonderful chemistry with you, they will reciprocate. Also, make sure you wear attractive clothes in front of him. He likes a lady who is sharply-dressed. At the end of the day, he is a visual creature and likes seeing a woman all dolled-up. highly recommends "Cancer Man Secrets" to seduce him and keep him in your life. Click below to find our more!